Unnat Bak | Chief Strategy Officer @ TABS Suite (Diligence-as-a-Service)

  • Potion • Create custom websites in Notion.
  • Revscale • Automate LinkedIn prospecting & book more meetings.
  • TextRetailer • Let customers shop using text messages.
  • Placid • Generate social share images.
  • Elon Stocks • Trade on Elon’s tweets.
  • Super • Turn…

By Unnat Bak — Chief Strategy Officer @ TABS Score & Ashish Sharma — Business Analyst @ Frontline Strategy Funds

Why is Technical Due Diligence/Code Audit important when investing in a startup?

The founding members, advisors, board members, and even employees of the TABS team and the parent Frontline Strategy…

By Amarins Laanstra-Corn | Marketing & Strategy @ TABS

Whether you’re an angel investor, VC, or incubator program, we’re sure you’ve heard about TABS by now. And if you haven’t — welcome! Below are some of the most common questions we are asked daily on our demos with Investors and…

By Unnat B. — Chief Strategy & Product @ TABS

Introduction to Diligence…as-a-Service.

It is considered “best-practice” for investors to incorporate a due diligence process to evaluate a potential investment opportunity with an extensive list focusing on the internal structure of the firm, its persisting risk factors, and strategies to overcome them.


Mountain View, CA TABS Suite has been chosen by major SBA lender Colorado Lending Source to help augment the underwriting process for dispersing a fresh $25 million in state funding to small businesses seeking financing. …

TABS Team — www.tabsscore.com

Any entrepreneur who has ever raised capital knows just how frustrating, intrusive, and nerve-wracking the due diligence process can be. However, what most entrepreneurs don’t always know is that the process can be just as difficult for their potential investors.

It’s tempting to look at complex…

1. Good to Great, Jim Collins

Jim Collins differentiates what makes good companies vs. what makes great companies.

2. The Mom Test, Rob Fitzpatrick

I first read this book when looking to write an article on User Interviews. …

By TABS Team Staff Writers | www.tabsscore.com

After Founders take their TABS Score Assessments, most of them take advantage of the tailored Investor recommendations they find at the end of their report and begin to lock in the terms of their fundraising process. …

By Marshall Sterman | www.marshallsterman.com

Information is the basis for better judgment, especially in your chance for success relative to future performance. For investors, most if not all of what they assess in their decision making comes from the information they develop through sources that include company records, interviews, forecasts…

By Lexie AndersonTABS Score Staff Writer | www.tabsscore.com

Okay, so quarantine might be “over,” but this new disposable time that was used for our morning commutes to work, dropping kids to and from school, and more is here to stay. So, what do we do with this time…

TABS Group™

DaaS (Diligence-as-a-Service) platform providing a holistic & in-depth qualitative evaluation of an early-stage venture. Powered by FSLTD. www.tabsscore.com

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