TABS’ List of Micro-SaaS Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Large SaaS apps solve lots of problems for lots of people. Micro-SaaS apps solve a specific problem for a specific group of people, usually run by a solo founder (or small team). The Micro-SaaS niche is a booming space that focuses on a single feature or minimal feature set, usually augmenting an existing platform’s functionality. Here’s Unnat’s list of Micro-SaaS products you may or may not have heard about…but should definitely use.
  • Potion • Create custom websites in Notion.
  • Revscale • Automate LinkedIn prospecting & book more meetings.
  • TextRetailer • Let customers shop using text messages.
  • Placid • Generate social share images.
  • Elon Stocks • Trade on Elon’s tweets.
  • Super • Turn Notion pages into websites.
  • Plausible • Simple, privacy-friendly analytics.
  • PermanentLink • Prevent link rot.
  • ilo • Understand how your tweets perform.
  • Benji • Tax write-offs for Canadian freelancers.
  • Control • Financial management app for small businesses.
  • Userbase • User authentication.
  • ScreenshotAPI • Programmatic screenshots.
  • EasyCron • Online cron service.
  • Spacebar • YouTube dashboard.
  • Pipechat • Close deals on WhatsApp.
  • Sheety • Build websites and APIs from Google Sheets.
  • Refiner • Understand your users.
  • LiveRecover • Abandoned cart recovery.
  • Leave Me Alone • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails.
  • ChimpCharge • Simple invoicing for freelancers.
  • Listenbox • Publish YouTube shows as podcasts.
  • Chainfuel • Telegram group management.
  • CartHook • Add post-purchase offers.
  • AutoIdle • Automatically put your staging and review apps to sleep.
  • OrgChartHub • Org charts for HubSpot.
  • • Abandoned cart recovery.
  • Upvoty • User feedback tool.
  • Squid Alerts • On-call calendars and escalation chains.
  • Site Command • Project management for small construction companies.
  • RecTimes • Ice rink management software.
  • Bybrand • Email signature management software.
  • Storism • Model and share business data.
  • SEOTesting • Run SEO tests.
  • Feedback Fish • Collect feedback.
  • SimpleOps • Performance monitoring.
  • DropEvent • Collect and edit photos.
  • Every Time Zone • Time zone math done for you.
  • Commando • Platform for running commands on servers via SSH.
  • Rezi • AI-Powered resume builder.
  • PDFKit • Create PDFs from spreadsheets in minutes.
  • TidyCal • Appointment booking tool
  • Snappa • Create graphics.
  • SpreadSimple • Create sites using Google Sheets.
  • MagicPattern • Make visuals
  • Serene • Block online distractions.
  • JustRedirect • Create and manage 301 & 302 redirects.
  • Statsout • Metrics from different platforms, accounts and profiles.
  • SubSocket • Create recurring payments using PayPal.
  • Retro • Online retrospective tool.
  • Audioship • Upload audio to YouTube.

DaaS (Diligence-as-a-Service) platform providing a holistic & in-depth qualitative evaluation of an early-stage venture. Powered by FSLTD.

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TABS Group™

DaaS (Diligence-as-a-Service) platform providing a holistic & in-depth qualitative evaluation of an early-stage venture. Powered by FSLTD.

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